BOY, am I glad I built and planted in the Garden Rack!
The garden has been going down hill for a few years. Despite all my hard work, somewhere around mid-summer, everything withers and dies.

On a whim late last spring, I had my husband whip up a Garden Rack. To be honest, I planted a little late, feeling bad that I didn't "trust" my main garden to thrive.

BOY, am I glad I built and planted in the Garden Rack!

True to form, my garden withered. Turns out (according to Victoria, thanks for the info!) the Black Walnut tree is inhibiting what was once my main garden.

Today, the only harvest I'm getting is from my Garden Rack. Next year, my husband is building me another one for the other side of the deck. Gardening is fun again. No bending. Barely any weeding. Completely organic. The cucumbers grow quite happily right over the deck railing.
Thanks Victoria for sharing the Garden Rack for all us somewhat inept gardeners.


Beth E.
Kandiyohi, MN

Beth's cukes
trailing over GardenRack

Beets & cukes
trailing over GardenRack

So easy that anyone can build it!
As a single woman, I was able to complete the project without breaking a fingernail. "A picture is worth a thousand words", the assembly instructions were clearly stated and I studied all the plans before beginning the GardenRack construction. I always referred back to the drawings to verify the correct measurements. I was taught to measure twice, cut once. The project was so easy; I decided to add the trellis for the beans and tomatoes.

Thank-you Victoria for making this project so easy that anyone can build it.

Kind Regards,
Shelly from Bonita Springs, FL